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French bully can't roll over

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interesting thoughts about the controversy of gay-marriage.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery:

97. The start of Gay marriage will be the end of freedom of religion.
Churches everywhere that oppose gay marriage will be forced by law to perform marriages for same sex couples. When they refuse they will be sued for discrimination. Legally. They will be legally sued for practicing their religion.
Choose your battle.

78. God did not create gay people and heterosexual people??? He created PEOPLE. That is like saying he created murderers and rapists and non-muderers and non-rapists as if they were a class or race of people?
But what would I expect, you seem to hold that all people who hold to a value of truth are "freaks" and full of hatred. Anyone that thinks Christians are full of hatred only see what they want to see. If they are right, then the individual is not reflective of what the bible, Christ, or God teaches. I do not hate gay people, never have, but you can only see Christians in a stereotypical secular view of anti-gay, not anti-sin.
You by your very words show yourself to be a hypocrite, but then again, it's ok to be a hypocrite if you aren't a Christian... only Christians are held to that by society. Find me a person who is not a hypocrite... I know of only One.

98. Homosexuality, pedophilia, beastiality, and any other sexuality are all the same. They all reflect a desire for sexual gratification. It just so happens that somewhere in a persons makeup or experiences a person is swayed towards any of these preferences. We live in a fallen world where all things are permitted somewhere or another and it's not going to made right until God returns. No matter what you believe in, whether you think we evolved from some goo in a pond, dropped off by some alien, or created by mother nature, gaiya, or God you can see the way we are made. It's obvious that man was made for woman and visa versa. Our bodily makeup shows this. Procreation can only be done this way between two mature partners of the opposite sex. Any sexual union, other than between man and women, woman and man, is unnatural. Do what you need to to fulfill your desires just don't expect everyone to accept it as natural.