Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Mac mp3 player

I'm not a fan of iTunes, so I won't install it on my MacBook Pro. It's a memory hog and I don't like it messing with my music files (organizing, etc.), so I was looking for a free mp3 player to install and found a nice little app called Audion. It used to cost money, but they stopped supporting it, and now will give you the serial number for an unlimited use install.

Download page:
Direct download link:
serial #: RNL07P0-030HWMV-4MAGDS3-4U17REX

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Monday

So yesterday we finally figured out our lake lot pump we'll be using for the feed to the camper, the outdoor shower, and the sprinkler system (yes our rent-a-lot at the lake will be nicer than our regular house). I owe a big thanks to my cousin Bryant and some other guys at the lake (Walt, Jim, Jeff, and my dad) for helping out. Having never set up a well pump turned into a daunting project for one person. Thanks for the help guys.
Now our grass seed will have plenty of water.

In other news, I decided to sell our free camper that we got at the start of the year. I had fixed it up a bit, gutted the rear bathroom, replaced the floor, put carpet tiles in, and used it for a couple of months this summer. Total invested was about $100. Put it on Craigslist last Friday night, and sold it today (Monday) for $900. Gotta love that! I'm glad to see the old pig gone, but it served it's purpose for use for a little while. God was good to us for providing that and then allowing it to sell so quickly when we wanted to get rid of it.

Another cool thing is this bike. It's a Harley Knucklehead and I don't know who it belongs too, but it's the nicest looking Knuckle I've ever seen. Just thought I'd share the artful beauty.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A novel thought... positive news stories on

It's nice, and rare, to get this type of reporting these days instead of the media bias and thought control from today's mainstream media.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, how Bogi has grown

We have the best dog in existence. He's a people pleaser and a extrordiarally good dog.
We love our Bogi. He was supposed to be a mini Aussie, but he kept growing. He's standard size at about 52 lbs. Our other Aussie is a true mini and probably weighs about 17 lbs.