Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Harbor Freight 20%off coupon

This one expires 3-24-2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Great weekend

My wife and I had a date night this past Friday so we headed downtown Chicago to some fancy restaurant called Spring that she had a $75 coupon for.  We got there and is wreaked of snooty snobbery.  I had the instant impression that this place and the people there were not really the kind of people I like being around.  The man at the check-in area was dressed in a suit and the women working there seemed way to serious for life.  We got seated and they gave us our menus. The menu was for a special meal they were serving for the "Valentine" weekend... We didn't want to order off that and asked for the normal menus.  No such luck.  OK, so I specifically remember looking on their website and it DID NOT say that we could only order off their Valentines menu.  The Valentine menu was $80 a plate.  The guy at the next table over just ordered a Chardinay and one of the girls next to him said, "Hey, that's what I normally order!"  I wanted to laugh at him for ordering a girls wine, but I didn't.  Even with our $75 off our meal, I really didn't want to stay there.  Even at $85 for the two of us, well, I thought it was just ridiculous.  So I asked my wife if we could leave.  The waitress (who came off more as a mortician than a waitress) came over and I said we were probably leaving, so she said she'd get the maitradee.  It's not like he was going to make our meal cheaper or make it so we wouldn't have to order off their special menu, so we left.  I felt an air of freedom just by getting out of that stuffy place. It seriously was not my kind of place.

We walked down North ave a little to a place called Piece (a pizza place that our friend Jim likes), so we thought we'd try it.  Turns out that it was much more my style and the food was great!  We started out with a mixed green salad and then had a pizza without mozzarellas (forgot what they called it), spinach and feta on it.  The salad was fantastic and the pizza was great... SCORE!

We then headed over to the Patagonia store to see if they'd exchange or do anything about my down Patagonia jackets zipper, which keeps splitting open.  No luck.  My wife really likes Patagonia, but it doesn't fit me well at all.  As I walked around the store I just got the feeling of their clothes being on par with Gap except Patagonia is expensive and more technical.  Sorry just not impressed and I can't get aboard with their clothes.  It's also the only line of clothes and jackets that fit like hefty bags on me.  I'm a size large in all other brands that I can think of, but not with Patagonia.  Their size large shirts fit like xl and their mediums don't fit me.  One good thing I'll say about the brand is their shoes are fantastic.  I simply love them!  They are stylish, comfortable and fit me great.

We left the store and drove back to New Lenox to watch Dear Joe, the movie.  Katie hated it, and I thought it was just ok.  Definitely worth skipping in our opinions.

Saturday we baby sitted for my sister-in-law.  We watched her three girls and their new dog.  The girls are all sweet as pie. It was a fun day.  We took them to church that night where Don Piper spoke about his death experience and how we need to prepare for our next life in heaven and realize that this world is not what we were created for.  It was a very good night.

Sunday my wife and I went to Moody Church in Chicago to listen to Pastor Lutser speak.  Katie really likes him.  I like the old school way of worship were the instrumental music is background for all the singing which is the main focus.  I think with our current church that our voices always get drown out by the band and that it's more entertainment than worship.

We met a couple at Moody that invited us to the Sunday school right after church so we went with Beth  and Neil to it.  It was nice to see so many younger couples in the city taking God's word seriously.  I'm not sure I got on board what they were talking about, as I had a different opinion of what God cares about most.  They said His Glory, I say it's his relationship to us.  Without a relationship there isn't any Glory to be given... but I digressed as I didn't want to be the new guy that was telling them they weren't on the right track. :)

We went to the Bongo Room for lunch after words and it may have been one of the best breakfast meals I've ever had.   The food there is awesome and worth the 45 minute wait.  We'll be going back there for sure.  We left there, drove home, and took a nap when we got back (for 2 hours).  After that my wife made us do P90X back and legs work out (I wasn't feeling it), but glad we did it.  We then watched a episode or two of Friends and then went to bed.

Great weekend with my lovely wife.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Illinois Primary Election - tomorrow Feb 2, 2010

I'm voting in the IL primary tomorrow as a Republican, since I think IL really needs a change.

This link will tell you who's on the primary ballot for the Republicans:

My votes will go like this:

U.S. Senator - Patrick Hughes

U.S. Representative, 11th Congressional District  - Adam Kinzinger
David McAloon is also a strong candidate for this position

Governor - Andy McKenna
Lt. Governor  - Matt Murphy

Attorney General - Steve Kim

Secretary of State - Robert Enriquez

State Comptroller - William J. Kelly

Sheriff, Will County - Steve Egan

Judge, 12th Circuit Court, 5th Subcircuit, Additional Judgeship B - Raymond Rossi