Friday, July 22, 2011

Powder coating

After work yesterday, I spent the night in the garage.  I took both back wheels off my tacoma and took out the center caps.  Method Racing wheels only paints those and it flakes off pretty easily.  I media blasted them and powder coated them flatte black.  I also took my chrome exhaust tip off and blasted and coated that too.  I like the flat black instead of the polished chrome look.  It matches the wheels now :)

I also took some parts  off Dan's Z50 that I'm putting together and ended up blasting and coating the rear rack for his bike.  It was rusted and nasty, but now it looks 100% better.  I hope he likes it.  I need to get some sheet aluminum for some fenders next along with coating the forks in black too.  I also need to start posting pictures when I post this stuff ;)

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