Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here!

The last two days have finally felt like summer to me. I can walk outside and smell summer in the hot air. I love this time of year and it's getting a lot harder to justify staying in the Chicago area due to our extremely cold weather. Summer is the only time my wife and I enjoy and it seems like it's only lasting a solid two months out of the year these past few years. Not sure how much more we can take.
So if anyone is looking to hire a web designer (that's me) or any other type of job in the San Diego area, give me a shout. My wife could transfer offices as her jobs headquartered in Del Ray, Ca. I guess I'm the only one holding us back from moving. :(

Took some quick photos in my back yard with the new Canon T1I camera and Canon EF 35mm-350mm lens. I'm really happy with that lens, and I've only had it off one time since it arrived. All of my shots have been hand-held too (no tripod yet).

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