Friday, April 29, 2011

Poor Customer Service

So we're in the market for a used ski boat, and I've been searching all over for a Sport Nautique. I've been searching all over, ebay,,, some others, and I think I found one on boatrader and it's 2 hours away at Culver's Portside Marina in Culver, In. So I call and get no answer so I leave a message to call me back. Now the boat is listed for $25400, which is pretty ridiculously high for that year and model, but whatever. No call back by the next day. I emailed them through boat trader the first day I saw it too, but no email back to me after a day. Literally 6-8 phone calls to Tom, the owners voice message box in the next day or two and not a single call back or answered phone. I emailed them again, but nothing.
I understand it takes some people a little time to get in touch with people, but if you had someone interested in buying a $24,500 boat, wouldn't you at least call them back or shoot off a quick email? Finally, another day passes and I get an email, "the sport is sold, I'll find you another one."
This guy must think he's the only boat dealer on the planet. I sent him back an email explaining that since his complete lack of communication and customer service, I wasn't interested in dealing with a marina like that. Even if they did have a boat I was interested in, I wouldn't buy from a dealership like that.
It really speaks volumes about a companies lack of customer service when you treat people like that and can't communicate in a timely manner or with a somewhat professional type email response. Yes, Tom, I'll gladly take my $24,400 and spend it somewhere else.

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