Thursday, July 14, 2011

got another motorcycle... kinda

I was on Craigslist (a daily occurance) and saw some Honda Z50 parts (frame, forks and wheels) listed for $30, so I emailed the guy and said if I can make it to the city some night that I'd pick them up.... that was on Monday.  On Thursday, he emailed me back and said if I still wanted the parts, that he'd give them to me for free.  How could I pass that up!

I asked the wife if she wanted to go get dinner on Friday night and off we went to pick up the bike and get some sushi at our favorite sushi place, Green Tea, in Lincoln Park.

I also was talking to a friend (Dan Pierce) I know from the mini world.  I was telling him that I miss not having anything to work on since I sold my last CT70 about a month ago :(  He pm'd me back and said if I wanted to work on something that he'd lend me the parts that I traded to him a while back and I could get it going and clean it up.  Good deal for him, and fun for me.  I bit, so I went and picked up the street legal frame, NOS Honda tank, extended Takegawa mono shock and swing arm, wheels and a china motor from him that night too.

All in all, I came home with two bikes for the price of nothing.  It felt good to have bikes back in my garage too.  I've started experimenting with my sandblaster and powdercoating over, on an old pin-holed z50 tank to get my powdering down before I start on Dan's parts.  Oh, and it turns out that you can powder over JB Weld.  I'll post some pics later as proof.

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