Sunday, March 25, 2012

Put a 3-4" lift on my Tacoma and took my 1968 Honda P50 for a quick ride


Me taking my 1968 Honda P50 up and down the street.  I was a beautiful Sunday to take it for a short ride.  I bought this about a few weeks ago (March 10th).  Wasn't sure if it ran well, but I just rode it up and down the street.  I need to do some cleaning up, but this was my first real ride up and down the street.  Now it time to start cleaning it up.  I think I may keep it all original.  My plan was to strip it down and powder coat it, but it's in such good original condition that I kind of like the nostalgic original look.

I'll post pics of the Tacoma later.  It was due for new suspension as the old stuff was worn out.  The stock stuff is now about 12 years old, so it had to go.  Rides a lot better with the Old Man Emu sport struts and 883 springs, and I went with the All Pro Offroad expedition rear leaf springs with Bilstein shocks on the rear.  The kit also came with new stainless brake line extension hoses, so I took it over to Pep Boys in Joliet to have them install those and give it an alignment.

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