Thursday, September 20, 2012

IOS 6 : good by Apple

So I updated my iPhone OS last night to the IOS 6 version.  I had read that Apple was coming out with their own maps app, so I thought cool, another option.  I guess I didn't read enough about it before I updated.

I had a fleeting thought before I did it that Apple would totally remove Google Maps but I then thought that would be ridiculous for Apple to be so arrogant that they removed such a well used and loved app. I was WRONG!  I did the update and to my astonishment they replace Google Maps with their own mapping app... and it sucks.

So this is my promise that I will no longer be a Apple supporter after my contract is up.  Seriously, when they take options away from me that I use and were the reason for getting a smart phone, then see ya.  Apple seems to have forgotten long ago that its the customers that matter and by them forcing things on us, they're going to loose a lot of people.  Time to move on.


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