Friday, November 26, 2010

H.E.L.P.S.,Chicago area Addictions in house recovery,Angelo Valdes founder

Praise God for people like Angelo Valdes for doing the good work of Christ Jesus!
May we all open our hearts and lives to those in need.
Elgin's officials aught to be ashamed for there actions against the HELPS homeless shelter.  We need to vote people like them out of office:
For those in the Chicagoland and suburban area, I want to make you aware of a wonderful program for older teens and young adults and adults battling alcohol and drug addiction. H.E.L.P.S. Ministry which stands for (Help, Encouragement, Love,Prayer that leads to Salvation) is a Christian in house affordable program in St. Charles on Iowa Avenue- Kane County Illinois. The Director is Angelo Valdes of St. Charles, Illinois a former addict who over 15 years ago overcame his addiction through prayer and the help of God. Now He has dedicated his life to help those in addictions and their families. The most caring man and lovely family and ministry that truly care and love those who come under their care. The Valdes take in those open to addressing their addictions and have a Christian based focus and structured program including counseling, household chores, bible reading, prayer, serving the homeless . My relative was in this program for 8 mos after using hard drugs and is a transformed person. They also run a Sunday afternoon church service, a midweek service, a homeless shelter in Elgin IL and a transitional house for men who have left addictions and need some structure and accountability as they return to the working world.
I can't say enough things about what a wonderful program this is and its success rate is much higher than state run programs. Many changed lives observed here!

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