Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Inc. will get you thinking

My wife and I watched the movie Food Inc. over the past weekend. Honestly that movie will change the way you think about food and the food industry. I hadn't given much thought about where our food comes from but after seeing what big industry has done to the corn, beef and chicken farms, I don't think I'll be buying or eating food without thinking about where it comes from first. I always hear about people who only will eat free range food products, drink organic milk, etc. and I thought that was all good, but I never realized how evil these big companies are and how they've change the way Americans and the world eats. It seems greed is more important than the health of people these days.

It's disgusting to see how big corporations have changed cows diets from grass to corn. Cows aren't meant to eat corn products and it greatly increases the chance of them creating e coli, which gets into humans food sources, which in turn, has cause human deaths. I doesn't seem that the corporations that do this care though, since they continue the practice. I think a lot of this is cause by our own government by subsidizing corn production to make it so cheap, which in turn, allows the food industry to produce corn products at much cheaper costs than it would normally cost. This allows fast food companies to produce cheaper food, etc., which flips the food industry upside down so that the "bad for you" food is far cheaper than the natural unprocessed food. Why else would organic milk be 2-3 times more expensive than the other milk?

We've decided to vote with our wallets and not support companies like Monsanto, Tyson, fast food businesses, etc.
Watch Food Inc.

1. Buy organic or sustainable food.
2. Go without meat once a week.
3. Read labels—know where your food comes from.
4. Drink more water, fewer sugary beverages.
5. Support companies that treat workers, animals, and the environment with respect.

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