Friday, January 22, 2010

Vote Pat Hughes for U.S. Senate in Illinois

How Pat Compares To Mark Kirk

Patrick Hughes opposes Cap and Trade
It will be the largest tax increase in American History - and the largest transfer of power to the federal government since the New Deal. Mark Kirk was one of 8 Republicans who voted for it.(

Patrick Hughes does not support the expansion of government or increased regulation
Mark Kirk’s vote for Cap and Trade legislation supports an increase of government regulation in the lives of American families. His near decisive vote on the Cap and Trade bill also helped Democrats gain the legislative cover needed to pass the health care bill which, if put into law, would be a massive expansion of the federal government.

Patrick Hughes supports America’s progress towards energy independence
Mark Kirk opposes using America’s resources to gain energy independence. He voted for prohibiting oil drilling and development in ANWR. (

Patrick Hughes believes in “Peace through Strength”; a strong national defense
Mark Kirk says he does too,

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